Friday, December 14, 2012

House Project #6~Lucy Pendant!

The Lucy Pendant is one of the most beautiful lighting fixtures! Since the moment I walked into LaDiff I saw this beauty and fell in love. I had the honor of using it for the Designer House and new it would be hard to part with after it was over. 
Der knew this... so we bought it. 
Thanks to LaDiff and my hubby for being so amazing I now have it in my own house!!!

This is how I used it in the Designer House...

and again!

This is how it is used in our house... 

and again! 

I love how it complements our pot rack over the stainless steel island.  

Just lovely. 

Now decorated! 

Fuchsia, orange and aqua balls are hung to match the house decor.

My Christmas tree. : )

And at night...

It makes the most beautiful shadows!

Oh Lucy, how I love thee.

Come back next week for the rest of our house Christmas decor... No real tree but a lot of balls hanging on antlers. Ha! 

For fun and inexpensive ideas for Christmas check out my post from last year: Christmas Ideas on the Cheap!

Today we are heading to see Santa!
 Doak was a very curious baby last year and ended up loving him. But after seeing all of these babies, around Doak's age now, with their arms out screaming for their parents this should be interesting!

Have a good one!


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