Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Tribal Accent Wall~Rowan's Nursery!


A couple things you need when starting a new project...
Inspiration, my t-shirt above, and a best bud that you work amazingly well with to join forces. 
We, Johnna and I, knocked this wall out in under a few hours!

Before-Guest Room (Left Side Wall)

First we painted all walls a light gray.
Light Gray: 
Valspar Signature-Bay Waves 4008-1A 
Finish: Eggshell

We measured the wall and created our own stencils so that the design would be the perfect size. We used this to pencil mark the design. We planned on using the stencil for the paint as well but soon realized it was so much easier to tape off the design instead. 

Johnna taping areas I marked off to be painted the darker grey color.

Dark Gray:
Valspar Signature-Stone Mason Gray 4008-1C
Finish: Eggshell
Although the design looks random at this point there was a pattern created with the dark gray color.

We then painted random white triangles where we thought needed to complete the design.

And there you have it...

When Doak finally was allowed to come back into the room he fell in love. He was on lockdown with our husbands as he attempted to "help" us several times. : )

The little things...
Added this gorgeous dreamcatcher we purchased at a Native American powwow.
No bad dreams for Rowan!

The perfect accent wall for a new baby and mommy to enjoy!

I love seeing it at all angles!
Entire left side wall.
Love it!

And for those of you wondering...
although Rowan's due date was July 28th he has not yet graced us with his presence. I am patiently waiting... kind of. ;)
Have a great weekend and I hope to see you next week with a baby boy in my arms! 

 Much love!



Anonymous said...

Am loving this blog, Melissa!


Melissa said...

So glad!!! Having fun doing it... Enjoy.