Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Master Bedroom [Re]design

My client wanted me to give her Master Bedroom (before photo above) an updated look by using her existing items. Below I will show you the ways that I have created a modern/vintage chic space by using the same pieces and only buying a few key pieces.

note: In this photo the drapery panels and the bed skirt have a layer of sheer lace fabric.   

note: Remove the lace fabric to clean up the look and brighten the space. Add some black and white patterned accent sheets folded over to be seen at all times.  

note: Change the gold mirror and art frame to a glossy black.

note: Change chair and ottoman to a one piece chaise lounge. The 2 piece is too large. Move armoire down to make the room feel more open.

My client wanted to keep the bed caddy-corner so she could see outside and it felt comfortable to her. So we moved it slightly to the right to open up the space on the "window" side.

note: Notice chaise with new pillows from HomeGoods! Fresh, clean lines and definitely more modern.

I added a black and white pattern sheet folded over and pillow shams to match.

note: We wanted to add black and white to the room so that it "flowed" with the rest of her home. We designed the first floor with black and white pattern accents on pillows and ottomans with red accents.

tip: New pillows with different shades of purple were added as well. When using a purple color palette it is best to use multiple shades instead of the same color throughout. Otherwise it will look a bit juvenile.

Here are some great pieces that I was able to keep and work with... the chest was hiding behind her bed! Amazing piece... especially when I paint it black! 

The mirror was a friend of hers and has special meaning. I love the frame and knew that a coat of gloss black spray paint would give it the modern glam look we were going for!

Rust-Oleum and I have a very special relationship... I can always count on it for budget conscious projects! I love it.

tip: Always use Primer Spray Paint first- 2x Ultra Cover is the BEST! 


These are some other items that we saved. The jewelry box was her mothers and the accent table we found in her storage garage. Paint, paint, paint!!!

Primer Spray Paint first and let dry.

As I waited for the primer to dry on the furniture I moved onto this piece of art. My client loved the beach scene but was willing to change the frame...
I used the same shiny black spray paint to match the mirror. They will be on opposite sides of the room and really bring everything together.

tip: I used plastic bags and masking tape to cover the painting. Prep takes longer but the spraying is faster.
That way when you spray the frame you won't worry about spraying the painting. I also did it with the mirror. The paint will come off the mirror but it is easier this way. 

Looks great and the lavender colors in the painting stand out even more.

I planned on using a black matte for the accent table but when I saw the sample paints that my client have purchased for the Master bathroom I figured why not get some use out of them. 

We picked a gorgeous "dusty" lavender color for the master bathroom and had all of this sample paint left over... so I used it! 

We both loved the accent table and the jewelry box in the different shades of lavender. The looked very vintage chic against the black modern frames. 

When I got the accent table out of storage I said, "we can paint this and change the hardware." But now that the piece is painted I love the rabbit handle... it stands out now. 

The hidden chest... stunning in black!

note: I am going to place this in front of her bed... she can put extra sheet and pillows in it for storage. AND it's a perfect table for her tray when she gets breakfast in bed! 

I am so excited to get these pieces back into the bedroom and finalize the look. (We put them in the garage to dry)

note: I will have a follow up post when the room in complete...
Can't wait!


                          side note:
We also found these frames in storage. My client asked me if they were too traditional and that she'd be willing to get new frames. I said just the opposite... Take the art out and create an artless frame wall and paint the frames charcoal or maybe even the lavender shades from above, who knows...
They are amazing!

If you are in Richmond this weekend come down to Shockoe Bottom and LaDifference for the first Shockoe Design District festivities!

I will be speaking about "Design on a Budget."
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Have a good one!


Whitney said...

Man, do I wish I lived closer to Richmond so I could come to see you speak!!! Miss you :)

Lisa Nagle said...

AHHHHHHH...I will continue to stalk you and your work. You are SOOOO cool Melissa!!!!!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

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