Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Hats~ Turkey Heads in PA!

I didn't make this hat but it's hilarious and plays music while the turkey legs dance, sooo I had to post this pic but... 

 Johnna made the white turkey head for Doak and I about died... so cute!
I knew I had make something similar for all of my nieces and nephews before I went home for Turkey Day.

All you need... NO SEWING INVOLVED!

note: (All items were from Walmart)

Hats: $1.50 each
Multi-colored felt packet: $2.00
Feathers: $2.50
Google Eyes: $1.25


Aunt Megs and Doak are best buddies!

I love that Doak loves hats... he never tries to take them off. This hat makes number 9 in his growing collection!  

My niece Abbey looked so cute with her pink turkey head! 

It definitely took the older "kids" (my brothers) to convince the little "kids" that the hats were cool. Haha! 

Before I knew it everyone had them on... so cute!

side note: 
Being back in Pittsburgh meant stopping at my favorite thrift store, (Red, White & Blue), from when I was a kid.

 note: This is where my love of thrift stores started...
I always found great "stuff" here and even altered dresses to wear to prom. It was a great way to be creative and save money!


Always bought scarves... they have a ton!
I would wear them or even hang them up like the "Framed Fabrics" post!

Everyone always asks me, "How do you find such great clothes in all of the clutter?"

Answer: Patience. I scan every piece... I never skip. Looking at the rack is overwhelming but when you start shuffling through, you get in a zone and that is when you find the best stuff!

Another reason I love this thrift store... Color coordinated!!!

I found a bunch of awesome items including a Sidney Crosby jersey from the kids section that fit me perfectly and only cost a buc... If you're from Pittsburgh you know that's a great find!

I loved being home spending time with my huge fam and hanging out at my old spots... Good times!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We had a blast!



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Aabell said...

The Red, White and Blue will always live on as my first and most treasured experiences in thrifting! We used to take the bus in middle school... which at the time, was a fantastic adventure. You have such great ideas, Melissa!