Thursday, August 16, 2012

My new obsession. Art by my friend, Eddie P!

Everyone knows I love making old things new...
so when I saw the work that my great friend, Eddie Plachecki, was creating I was ecstatic!
With random pieces of wood, thrift frames and old window panes he has turned photos of family, friends and anything that interest him into these amazing pieces of art. 

Check it...

A memory of an amazing friend that past.

Love these colors, the frame, the horse, the halo... ok, I love everything about this!

Love the movement and colors.

Eddie's baby girl, Ella!

Coolest part about this is she wasn't blowing bubbles at all... he added the effect and it looks perfect. 

Eddie's beautiful wife, Sarah.

I love the added print behind her and the gold clips added to the frame corners.

And this is the little girl in the window pane that I went crazy over. I don't know who she is but I love her...
I had to have one of Doak! 

So, I contacted Eddie as soon as I saw this and the creative process started immediately. I've had the best time discussing different ideas with him especially since he can come up with concepts so quickly.

If you are into these as much as I am contact Eddie P: 

Side Note:
This was the perfect opportunity to do an updated photo shoot with my babe. I took some photos and sent them to Ed. I will be sure to post what he comes up with.
He will be putting a photo of Doak on a old window pane (44"w x 58"h) to add to our mantel in the two-story family room.

I'm a happy girl! 

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