Thursday, May 16, 2013

R.Home~May/June Photo Shoot!

The photos for the May/June issue of R.Home Magazine's, "The Goods" section, were actually taken in early March! As you can see, it was chilly and windy! However the sky was clear and sun was shining which helped us pull off the visual of a summer picnic surrounded by bright bohemian fabrics from amazing resources from around Richmond! 

We had our own little picnic after the shoot was complete!
From right to left...
Photographer: Christina Macfarlane
Managing Editor: Marissa Hermanson
Visual & Conceptual Contributor: Me
Managing Art Director: V. Lee Hawkins
I always set up the "scene" in my office before the shoot while the kitties critic. 

This fabric is to die for!
The scale of these birds are enormous and the colors are fantastic together.
Provided by: Bridget Beari Designs
Vintage patchwork poof... Love!
Provided by: Williams & Sherrill
An orange floral coverlet from Artee and a fuchsia cut floral from Williams & Sherrill.
And some stuff around the house! 

Setting up the scene.

Pretty picnic!

Action shot.
And done!
Thanks to everyone for letting use borrow your beautiful fabs and pillows! 

Williams & Sherrill
Bridget Beari Designs

and speaking of LaDiff... 
I was so excited to see my friends, Rick and Phil, showing off their awesome backyard in this issue. A bunch of us spent New Years Day in this yard and had a blast! 

To see the finished product...
Pick one up! 

Much love,

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