Thursday, November 1, 2012

House Project #1~Doak's art is up!

For the next few weeks I'll be posting house projects I've been working on...
First up... Doak's art from Eddie P. aka Red All Over!

Doak posing next to his masterpiece... you can kinda see the scale. HUGE!

The original ottoman I covered isn't going to cut it with the new art...

I have these tiny pieces of fabric left over from the Designer House pillows I had made. Perfect to use to cover the ottoman and another for a pillow.
That's next weeks project! 


Der finding the studs in the wall...
The visual of this thing falling because of 3 kitties jumping around and a toddler hanging out below isn't pretty so we needed to reinforce the piece. Der screwed hooks to the wall and eyes to the frame.

What's one more window... I love it!

Have a good one! 


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If you dig it and want to get in touch with him click here:
Red All Over

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