Thursday, November 15, 2012

House Project #2~Recovered Otto!

In the next couple of posts I will introduced some of my favorite accents from the room I designed, for the RSOL Designer House, into the Molitor household!

1st Project: Doak's Art by Eddie P. 

2nd Project: Recover ottoman

When I put Doak's art piece up I knew recovering an existing ottoman would be the perfect way to tie it together... 

I had two pieces of leftover fabric from the pillows I had made for the D.H., thanks to U-FAB!
 I ended up using the horizontal design over the peacock for the ottoman. The peacock will be perfect for an accent pillow on my sofa!  

Perfect size! 

All you need is a staple gun.

And wrap it like a present!



I dig it.

Have a good one! 


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