Friday, November 30, 2012

House Project #4~Wallpaper Accent

This wallpaper from Farrow & Ball @ The Rue was one of my favorite accents from the Designer House. I had a sliver left over and thought about framing it but decided to hang the piece up in my office. 

I used it on one wall in my room at the Designer House. It was the perfect way to create a focal point and enlarge the small space. 


For my home office I made these framed fabrics with discontinued fabric samples and frames from thrift and antique stores.  


Next week: Project #5
 Adding a piece of furniture to cover the fact that the wallpaper is not long enough. 

Doak likes it a bit crooked! : )

That little accent adds so much to the my office... I love it! 

This is the mirror, turned into a frame for the antelope head, that I used at the Designer House.
Loving how the Designer House accents are creeping their way into our own home. 

Have a good one!


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