Friday, November 23, 2012

House Project #3~Cable Spool!

All you need is LOVE.
This pic is perfect for this post b/c yesterday was Thanksgiving and it's all about LOVE! Hope everyone had an amazing day with family and friends!

I am continuing to post house projects where I have used some of the Designer House pieces in my own home.

Project #3~Cable Spool
I literally walked into a Lowe's and walked out with this beauty. : )
Free, functional and, to me, adorable.
My new office bookshelf!

Love all the colors.

and the details of the spool. 
Perfect place to display my little treasures.


This is how I used it at the Designer House... next to the most beautiful reclaimed teak from Indonesia and it holds the lovely and transparent Kartell Bourgie lamp. I dig the idea that something so insignificant works with these fine pieces. 

Until next week... Project #4~ Wallpaper Accent!

Have a good one!


                        Side Note: 
So thankful for my little turkey!

To make a turkey hat click here.

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